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Hurricane Harvey Update

by DE Web Works | Aug 27, 2017
Here's an update from the DE Web Works Team. As you may know, we are down in Victoria, Texas. Victoria was hit by a category 4 hurricane Friday night. All of us, and our families are well. Our property took some damage to the fence and minor damage inside the front rooms. During that time, our building (along with most of the town) lost power.

We have a natural gas generator (fed from underground) and can run indefinitely. For the safety of our employees, our offices will officially be closed until the water has been restored. This should hopefully be late Monday or Tuesday, according to our local authorities. However, if you need technical assistance, please use our Technical Contact Form. That is relayed to all techs and to Alex. We will respond within a timely manner. 

Temporary interruption in service.
When the switch-over to generator occurred early Saturday morning, we also took a pretty strong surge that took out a part between the generator and the servers. That was the part that regulated power. We had a redundant system for that as well, but it took a few seconds before it switched over. This caused the servers to go into a shutdown scenario because they thought they were loosing power. As a result, some of the servers shut themselves down. We were able to remotely bring most of them back online. Mail was back up and flowing before 5 am. The web server needed physical interaction and we were not able to touch them until the conditions outside were safe enough to make the 1 mile trip to the facility. Web servers were brought back online around 12:45 PM on Saturday.

We do NOT expect any more downtime for the duration of this event. 

We hope you and your families are all ok and safe as well. 
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