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Environmental Commitment

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One cause we can get behind is the environment. It’s not like we’re hugging trees, or polar bears for that matter. More like giving them high fives. Our company respects the environment and we’ve made a commitment to be a part of the solution.

That means we use only what we need. We recycle, we use less paper when we can and we use electronic invoicing. We’ve switched to green energy and are also asking our vendor partners to accept electronic payments. If our team can do it, we know yours can too.

Our Goal

We know that we are not going to single-handedly save the planet, but we are committed to be on the solution side. We don't need to be able to make a big impact - but we can sure keep from contributing to the problem. That's why our motto has always been "be part of the solution - not part of the problem." Together, if we all do our small part on the solution side of the equation, we can reduce our overall carbon footprint and greenhouse gases.

Going green isn't something that you get up one day and do. You can't decide to save the polar bears - and the next day you're done. This is an ongoing commitment to making our world a better place. No single one of us can do this alone. We can only work together to make it happen.

Let us help your company become a more responsible corporate citizen. Here are a few easy ways to get started:

  • Click here for a green energy resource – they happen to be a client.
  • Add a line in your email signature to ask people not to print e-mails when it’s not necessary.
  • Learn how to recycle. Here’s a good place to start.
  • Start carpooling when you can – or just carpool to lunch once more per week.
  • Recycle old electronics and computers with us!
  • Walk or ride your bike to the gym if you can.
  • Toss the bottled water habit and choose reusable containers.
Have an idea on how to inspire people to go green? Send us a note and we’ll pass it along.
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