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Email Marketing for Small Businesses

Email is one of the most important ways to drive your online sales. However, while a personal email can be written with little time or effort, marketing-based email demands attention and detail. Even down to the subject line, every aspect of your email should be considered to drive sells and avoid getting marked as spam. We have email marketing plans for every budget.

Why Email Marketing?

Affordable: It is 20 times more cost effective than a direct mail piece, and can cost as little as fractions of a penny per email.

Effective: You can target your emails by interest or list.

Immediate: With a clear call to action it can generate an immediate response.

Measurable: Results are reported in terms of opens, and click through rates.

Easy: Includes over 400 professionally designed email templates.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Imagine your customers looking forward to messages from you. Permission-based email marketing does that… and more. It’s the perfect fit for a small business like yours. It doesn’t cost much or take a lot of time, and it’s effective. That’s why over 300,000 small businesses, nonprofits, and associations use Email Marketing to stay connected with their customers.

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