Hurricane Preparedness
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Pre-Hurricane Technology Preparedness Audit

Prepare your business and safeguard your data in advance of a major storm.
Hurricane Harvey - Port Aransas, Texas

Weather events and natural disasters are an unfortunate reality of life, but a partnership with D.E. Web Works can help you be prepared and avoid some consequences of the storm.

The 2023 Hurricane Season is upon us. As residents of the Gulf Coast, most of us know what supplies we need to purchase or what to do to prepare our homes. However, in 2017 many businesses didn't react until it was too late and learned the hard way that their technology and digital information wasn’t properly protected.

While we all hope to not have another Hurricane Harvey for a very long time, we at D.E. Web Works would like to assist you in safeguarding your technology and data in advance of another natural disaster.

Companies that are caught unprepared are at risk of experiencing equipment damage, data loss, server problems, and operational downtime if a major storm hits.

Let D.E. Web Works come to your office and do a Pre-Hurricane Technology Audit that will evaluate the systems in place that secure your company's data and support your business operations, as well as determine risks to your assets and identify methods to minimize those risks.

For only $150 (free for our MSP clients), a member of our team will personally visit your place of business to do a thorough audit of your technology and assess your ability to get back up and running quickly after a natural disaster, with as little loss as possible.

Contact us today to ensure you’re prepared when disaster strikes.

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We've developed the following resources to additionally assist you in being prepared for any storm:

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