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Essentials Security Package

Proactive IT Maintenance and Critical Security as low as $20/month!

MSP Essentials Plan
Our Essentials Security Package provides the basic security features that any business needs in order to protect your workstations and network. We consider this the minimum level of security needed for your organization. This package includes around the clock: 

checkmarkAntivirus, Anti-Malware, and Ransomware Protection

Our multi-layered antivirus provides real-time protection against all threats targeting your computer. Our product reacts instantly to online threats with virtually no impact on your system’s performance.

checkmarkManaged Web Protection

Threat protection: Protect against malware, phishing, adware, botnets, and spam. Bandwidth monitoring: Monitor daily usage with automated bandwidth checks and alerts. Access controls: Keep users off sites that could cause a data breach and protect the business from the legal liability that comes with a data breach.

checkmarkBasic Email with Spam & Virus Filtering as well as Managed Email Protection

We specialize in small business email hosting and utilize the industry's best spam and virus filtering systems to protect your organization from email-borne threats. Our systems are secure, reliable and support all of today's most common email clients, including smartphone and tablet devices.

checkmarkRemote Monitoring

This tells us when there’s an issue on a user’s machine (running out of disk space, too many failed login attempts, etc.) This also helps us handle remote support. You call, we can connect immediately without downloads. This also provides a monthly report of what’s going on in your network. It’s a summary, non-technical report that’s easy to digest.

checkmarkPatch Management

We would be responsible for patching all machines in your network. This prevents many issues that arise simply from people not updating their Windows software and drivers. This is automated and handled on Sundays instead of middle of the week.

MSP Essentials Plan Starting as low as $20 per month

Ready to sign up? Contact us today to ensure your workstations and networks have the basic level of security needed.

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For FULL coverage, check out one of our Managed Service Plans - starting as low as $50/month!

Managed IT Services - Starting as low as $50 per month 
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