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Secure Your Business with Keeper Password Manager

Protecting Your Business, One Password at a Time

Keeper Cybersecurity Starts HereAt DE Web Works, we understand that managing passwords can be a hassle, especially for small businesses. That’s why we’re excited to offer Keeper, a top-notch password manager designed to keep your information safe and secure without the stress.

What is Keeper Password Manager?

Keeper Password Manager is an easy-to-use password manager that securely stores and manages your passwords and other private information. It’s designed with small businesses in mind, ensuring that your team can access what they need quickly and safely.

Why Choose Keeper Password Manager?

1. Enhanced Security

Keeper Password Manager uses advanced encryption technology to protect your passwords and data, ensuring that only you have access to your information.

2. Simplified Password Management

No more sticky notes or spreadsheets! Keeper Password Manager generates strong, unique passwords for each of your accounts and remembers them for you.

Keeper Password Manager on a laptop, monitor, tablet and phone3. Easy Access

With Keeper Password Manager, you can access your passwords and files from any device, whether you’re in the office or on the go.

4. Secure Password Sharing

Share passwords and sensitive information securely with team members. Keeper Password Manager ensures that shared information is encrypted and accessible only to authorized users.

5. Two-Factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of security with two-factor authentication, making sure only authorized users can access your accounts.

How Keeper Password Manager Helps Your Business

Save Time: Spend less time recovering lost passwords and more time focusing on what matters – running your business.

Boost Productivity: Your team can easily and securely access the tools and information they need, without the usual password-related delays.

Reduce Risk: Protect your business from data breaches and cyber threats with Keeper Password Manager’s top-tier security features.

Get Started with Keeper Password Manager

At DE Web Works, we’re here to make the transition to Keeper Password Manager smooth and seamless. Our team will help you set up Keeper Password Manager, show you how to use it, and provide ongoing support.

Ready to Secure Your Business?

We proudly offer Keeper Password Manager to all of our MSP clients. Contact us today to learn more about Keeper and how it can benefit your business.

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